Great Shearwater off NE Greenland

A sighting of a Great Shearwater Puffinus gravis has been reported by member Simon Cook off north-eastern Greenland.  On 7th September, at 07.30, 10 nautical miles offshore, one bird flew right past the ship flying steadily south, at position 70° 54′ N, 21° 08′ W.  The visibility was excellent and the sea was flat calm. Simon’s role as a naturalist/birder on board MV Ortelius takes him every year to the Tristan da Cunha archipelago so knows well what a Great Shearwater looks like!  The ship was heading 197° from Kaiser Franz Josef Fjord to Scoresby Sund, and the bird was seen by three other people, all on the bridge of the ship.
Checking the RNBWS database shows a record from 62.5°N from 1965 submitted by the Ocean Weather Ship with a very useful comment: First appears in ones/twos in late June.