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Sea Swallow – This is the annual publication of the society

New editions of Sea Swallow will appear as PDF files on this website two years after their original publication.

Sea Swallow Archive

Earlier editions of sea Swallow and the Index may be found at ;
The Online Back Catalogue

SS61 SEA SWALLOW – Published in November.
Contributions are welcome by the Editor at any time, but if to be included in
the next edition should reach the Editor by 30 June
New Logo Sea Swallow REVISED RNBWS CHECKLIST OF SEABIRDS  by W.R.P. Bourne and N.G.Cheshire This lists notes forms separable at sea and gives RNBWS preferred vernacular name first, the IOC name in square brackets, if it differs, any common alternatives, and abbreviations for use in lists,  the scientific name used by the IOC, and summarised range.  Download the new list Seabird Checklist Final Version PDF 13. 8 .13

Newsletter – We now publish a quarterly newsletter Mollymawk by e-mail or surface mail if members request.
The Newsletter is published in the January, April, July, October of each year.
The April newsletter will include the minutes of the AGM.
To receive the newsletter, please contact: CPO Mark Cutts




Marine ornith

marine_ornithology Marine_Ornithology




All Marine Ornothology articles are online Click here to go to GONHS website Click here for Dutch Birding information Click here for Seevogel information




Click here for BTO information Click here for IBIS information Click here for Seabird information Click here for Alauda information
Sandgrouse sandgrouse Germananzeiger Indianindian birds Garcillagarcilla
Click here for Sandgrouse information Click here for Anzeiger information Click here for Indian Birds information Click here for La Garcilla information
ScottishSCOTTISH-BIRDS-30(3)1 Fulmarfulmar Sulasula  Britbirds
Click here for Scottish Birds information Click here for Fulmar information Click here for Sula information Click here to go to British Birds website


The Bulletin is no longer issued.
A regular e-mail newsletter, Mollymawk, is issued.
If you would like to receive this newsletter,
please send your e-mail address to :
Mark Cutts
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